I came across this Bible verse from Psalm 147 on Pinterest recently, and thought to myself, “Wow! God is amazing!”

Think about it. There are so many stars visible to our naked eye at night that we cannot begin to count them, and even the most advanced telescopes that have been created can only glimpse an infinitesimally small percentage of the stars that the Lord has created – in our galazy alone.

Also, science is unable to concretely determine the number of galaxies and universes that exist; so if we can’t quantify any of these measures, how can we even begin to fathom how many stars there are in the heavens?

What gets me is this: Not only did God create all of these stars, galaxies, universes, etc., but He has also counted them, and knows each one by name. This is pretty remarkable, no? Our smartest and best scientists cannot identify and verify the number of stars, galaxies, and universes in existence, but God can. And He also has a name for each one of ’em, too.

God is pretty slick, no? After all, who else can make such a bold claim and back it up? Seriously – no one else knows what’s really going on in the cosmos but Him. Only the Lord!

If you stop and think about this truth for too long, it may start to mess with your mind a bit. So, instead, be encouraged by it – that the God who knows and numbers the stars in the heavens also knows you, and is fully aware of (and is also concerned about) your circumstances, too.


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