Look Up

Life is all about perspective, no? I hope that this quote by G.K. Chesterton helps someone gain a fresh perspective on his/her “valley” experiences. As the Lord continues to teach me, it’s primarily in the valley experiences that – in my smallness – I am compelled to look up and behold the greatness of my Creator.

Perhaps this is why valleys seem so vast, and the mountaintop experiences of life feel all too brief in comparison. Maybe the Lord knew that if He left us on top of the mountain for too long, we might start looking down on those below (still going through their valley seasons), and begin to swell with pride.

Yes, perhaps we are wisest and most teachable when we find ourselves in (or near) the valley, as that is where our view and experience of God are likely the most heartfelt.

Think about it.šŸ’”And don’t forget to look up!

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