Totally Reliable

Here is a familiar passage from Proverbs 3 – I’ve probably shared it here already, but perhaps not in the Amplified (AMP) translation:

The Lord is totally and completely reliable, but He does ask us to surrender our will (our thinking) and our ways (our doing) to Him first. Notice that these verses say “all your heart” and “all your ways,” and not merely some of our thinking and doing.

This doesn’t mean that we check out intellectually, emotionally, or even spiritually, but rather that we come to the realization that our perception and “insights” (according to the passage) can be faulty and lead us astray. Certainly, we can use our God-given abilities to guide our decision-making, but I believe that this passage cautions us against relying upon our perceptions, as doing so can incrementally cause us to discount or turn away from the Lord’s perspective on things.

The verses end with a promise that fills me with hope: God goes before us and blazes the trail that He has us to follow, and even removes obstacles (many often unseen and unknown us) that may block our forward progress. He is totally reliable! ⚓️

8 thoughts on “Totally Reliable

      1. I wouldn’t mind reading the post in Spanish, too! While I am far from fluent, I can get by pretty well with my reading in that language. Either way – in English or in Spanish – I’m sure that your new post will be a blessing. 💛

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