Strength and Shield

I came across this excerpt from Psalm 28:7 recently and was very encouraged by it, and let me tell you why:

  • God is my source of strength when I feel weak or tired, giving me what I need to make it through the day;
  • He is my shield, protecting me wherever I go. Therefore,
  • I have every reason to trust Him with that which concerns me most, because
  • He helps me – even (especially!) when I don’t deserve it.

May the Lord bless you with His strength, protection, trust and help as you go about your week. 💛

9 thoughts on “Strength and Shield

    1. I’m grateful that the Lord is able to comfort us through the promises in His Word (I don’t always understand everything that I read, but by God’s grace, He seems to reveal whatever it is I need to learn for that moment). Things are still very unclear in my life, but I can stanf on the promises of God that do not change, and place my hope there.

      I read over the passage that you mentioned it – was there some specific aspect of it that was challenging to you, or was it the whole thing ?

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      1. It was two things, as a parent I would always put my child first in terms of choices with what to do with my time and money and efforts. For example if baby needed homework help and I had a clash with bible group, I’d choose to help baby.
        Secondly I have family that aren’t Christian and would be quite against it all. So I haven’t openly told them to spare them unnecessary suffering and pain. But does that mean I don’t deserve Christ because I haven’t openly announced him (to them)? Everyone else knows but in this situation they would be completely heartbroken.

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      2. None of us technically “deserves” Christ (based on our own merits), so therefore His grace to us is always unmerited. He’s going to love you no matter what, but trust that the Holy Spirit will guide you as to when (and how) to tell your family members about your faith.

        I’m not a parent and cannot really comment on the homework issie, sadly! However, God’s family priorities are Him first, spouse second, and children third, but these relationships are also very interrelated! It sounds to me like you were making the choice to honor Him by staying home to help your child with his/her homework.

        My $.02 (but I am not the Lord! Pray about it!). 💛

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  1. Thank you very much. It’s hard to see outside of the box sometimes. I have been trying hard to work on having faith that if God has brought me here, he will guide the way to go. Because to grow in Christ and follow my calling, will be to truly pick up my cross and follow Him. And there is no way to hide that. Please keep me in your prayers sister. 💜

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