Infinite Grace

This passage from Ephesians 3 is one of my favorite verses! Let me tell you why by breaking down the passage section by section:

▫️Now all glory to God. The Lord will share His glory with no one else, so all glory is due to Him – not yesterday or tomorrow, but now. Why? Well, He’s God, and there is no one greater than Him, and His track record of goodness and faithfulness simply can’t be beat!

▫️Who is able. God is able – He is unlimited by anything or anyone, and no one can oppose Him. Think about it – who can thwart the plans and purposes of the Lord?

▫️Through His mighty power. We serve an omnipotent God – He has all power, dominion, and might. Our God is strong, and cannot be outmaneuvered by anyone!

▫️At work within us. For those of us who follow Christ, His presence – via the Holy Spirit – indwells us, and is able to guide us each and every day. However, we also have 24/7 real-time access to the abundant power and strength that can only come from the Lord. It’s His power, flowing through us.

▫️To accomplish infinitely more. Can you imagine what “infinitely more” even means? Well, remember that God’s resources are completely unconstrained; therefore, there is no limit, outside of unbelief, that can ever hinder His plans and purposes. And even with unbelief, His plans are not actually hindered – He simply creates detours (think of a GPS unit saying “recalculating” and then offering another route) and gets us back on the path further down the line.

▫️Than we might ask or think. Ponder that. What is the most substantial favor you’ve ever asked of someone? Now take it a step further. What is the biggest thing you’ve ever asked God to do? While He is not required to answer our petitions specifically as we’ve asked, He regularly does answer in the affirmative, and that is a blessing! However, He can (and sometimes does) go far, far beyond even our biggest ask, to do something so special and meaningful – perhaps an unspoken heart desire that is only known by Him – that when it comes true, only He gets the glory and praise.

Only God can make these claims, and He backs them up with a flawless track record that has spanned millenia. Ponder that! 🗓

9 thoughts on “Infinite Grace

    1. It is a great verse! I’d heard it in another translation (the words “exceedingly and abundantly” were in there), but not in this one – I think it’s the NIV or NLT.

      I feel the same – every time I turn to the Bible, I see a new verse or some new insight on a familiar passage or story. God is good like that!

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