I have chosen this (perhaps familiar?) passage as my verse of the week, because it reminds me that the Lord is not constrained in any way, shape, or form. He owns it all! There is no one or thing greater or even equal to Him.

And yet, despite this reality, the Lord takes a particular interest and concern in all of our lives, and desires to be in deep and meaningful relationship with each one of us.

Beyond this truth lies a promise more valuable and precious to us than gold: the Lord promises to take care of those who have placed faith in Him, and have a growing relationship with Him. This doesn’t mean that we’ll be necessarily be rich (or poor), or that we’ll marry the person of our dreams (or remain single). In my view, it simply means that – in the Lord’s own way and timing – He will make sure that we will be okay.

Of course, we will all experience seasons of lack, but how else can we come to rely upon the generosity and faithfulness of the Lord? And whether He gives us little or much, let’s remember that we have all been entrusted as God’s stewards – caretakers of a divine trust – and we will eventually be held to account for the manner in which we managed His resources.

By the way, let’s not get things confused here: “riches” can come in many forms; however, when you stop and think about it, material prosperity is truly the least meaningful of all of them.

If we take a moment to contemplate the different forms of wealth that God has given to us – our faith, our relationships, our health, our civil liberties, our safety and shelter (even if modest) – these are basic essentials that far too many people in this world lack. No, true wealth is to place a greater value on the things that matter to God, rather than on the idol of consumerism that seems to plague the world in which we live.

Why should we prioritize God’s priorities? Well, there is a promise giveb to those who do, and Philippians 4 tells us what it is:

  • And my God (do you know Him?)
  • Shall supply (do you believe that He will do as He’s promised?)
  • All your need (not just some of it, but all?)
  • According to His riches (which are limitless)
  • In glory (because He is God)
  • By Christ Jesus (who died in our place, so that we can spend eternity with Him).

So, let me remind myself – what exactly was I worried about again? ✝️

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