I came across this familiar passage from Psalm 56, and I’ve decided to claim it as my personal declaration of truth, come what may! By doing so, here is what I affirm (even though some days are more wobbly than others):

▫️ I completely trust God;

▫️ The Lord is completely reliable; therefore, I can have full confidence in who He is, and how He works;

▫️ Consequently, I have no biblical basis for protracted fear or discouragement. Sure – we all have hard days and difficult seasons – but only we can decide whether to make fear more of a pitstop, rather than a destination!

Yes, this day I choose to stand on the truth of God’s Word, trusting both the Author and His great message of hope. ☀️

11 thoughts on “Declaration

    1. It’s funny, though. The very next day after posting this verse, I was tested on it in a very severe way. It reminds me that spiritual warfare is very real, and that when we take a stand for God, our resolve will be tested one way or the other!

      How are you, Kathy?

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