God’s Thoughts, God’s Ways

I have chosen this passage from Isaiah 55 as my verse(s) of the week. When I came across this passage today, it really helped me to put my circumstances into perspective.

Why? Well, I have a tendency to suffer from “analysis process” sometimes, and I try to understand or anticipate what I think God will do next (I know, it’s terrible, but there you have it). It’s not so much that I’m trying to get ahead of God, as much as I’m trying to make sure I’m staying in the center of His will each day. After all, if I become less vigilant, I fear that I will drift away from Him by small and seemingly insignificant degrees. So I try to stay focused, even if I do get distracted from time to time.

Still, though, these verses remind me of my proper place before the Lord. Can I pray to Him, and ask for His help? Absolutely! Does He answer my prayers sometimes? Yes He does, and other times it seems like they go unanswered.

However, is it ever possible for me to fully comprehend the mind of God? The answer is “no.” Of course, we can know His heart, His will, receive His mercy and grace, participate in His plans, and enjoy a surprisingly intimate relationship with the Lord, but it is my conviction that there is no way to anticipate what He will do next.

After all, God both reveals Himself to those who seek Him, but is also cloaked in mystery, as He is not readily discernible by way of our natural human perceptions. If we could clearly see and hear God through our natural senses, then I suppose we wouldn’t need faith, now would we?

So the next time that you think that you’ve fully figured out what God is doing, take a moment to look up, and remember how far the heavens are from the earth. At most, all we can say is that the heavens are up – and we are definitely looking in the right direction! However, the distance between the celestial realm and terra firma is vast and immeasureable, even though we can glimpse some of what is going on up there (sun, moon, stars, etc.).

Thankfully, this what makes God who He is, and me who I am. Yes, I know my rightful place, and I am grateful for it! I can look at the sun and be grateful for its warmth, and trust that it will always be there, but never fully understand how it does what it does.

And if I can’t figure out the sun, what makes me think I can figure out the Lord? Love Him, trust Him, and get to know Him better through personal relationship? Absolutely. But comprehend the full extent of Him? No way! And this is actually a good thing, when you stop and think about it.

Like I said: I know my place, and I’m grateful for it. ✝️

PS – Quick update: I must really love this verse, or the Lord wanted me to remember it again, because I just realized that I shared this very verse – including a similar title for the post – with you all back in May! Well, good truths from God’s Word can always bear repeating, no? 😉

5 thoughts on “God’s Thoughts, God’s Ways

  1. God likes to do surprises. And he does them in an explosive way. So yeah, in some way, I glad I don’t know all of what he knows. It’s makes the blessings so much worth it❤️ And worth the wait, trust!

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    1. Amen! The part about God that is so wonderful to me is the fact that, despite His vast and infinite nature, He still seeks after us in such an intimate and loving way – even though we have done nothing to earn such love. Amazing grace, indeed!

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