A New Song

This verse jumped out at me today! By way of background, the day was full of surprises (some wonderful, others disappointing), and I have to keep reminding myself to be content with what I have, rather than dwelling on what seems to be missing.

Anyway, I love this verse because it focuses my attention away from myself and instead channels it in a much more beneficial direction. Indeed, behold the wonderful works of the Lord!

So even when my days are filled with ups and downs, the Lord continues to faithfully bring me through it all. Yes, the same concerns remain, but despite these challenges, I can still offer a new song of thanksgiving to God for His constant goodness to me.

There is a gospel song that I like, and it has a refrain that really warms my heart. It goes like this:

God has smiled on me

He has set me free

God has smiled on me

He sure has been good to me.

So let’s remember that – come what may – the Lord smiles on us every day, and that alone is reason to be grateful! Next, He sets us free – what a gift! Finally, He is good to us – just because it’s His nature to be that way.

I think I feel a new song coming on! 🎶

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