Word of Mouth

So it’s time for my weekly Christian humor post! The image that I’ve chosen makes me laugh, but it also reminds me of an important life lesson: we can’t always believe everything that we hear!

Otherwise, if we are not wise and discerning, then we may end up like the people in the cartoon below: in the vicinity of the right place, waiting for God’s blessing, but really missing the point, because we’ve directed our attention away from the Lord and toward ourselves.

Some spiritual food for thought today. ☀️

6 thoughts on “Word of Mouth

  1. Funny and so true! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Awesome Impact Award yesterday! Details are on my blog at AuthorRyanC.com in my post titled “The Awesome Impact Award Goes To…Jesus!”. Your site is a blessing every day and it glorifies God! Grace and peace to you!

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