Wise words from Mother Teresa! In my own travels, I’ve learned how transformative a sincere smile can be – even with complete strangers. **

Indeed, this quote reminds me that a smile costs me nothing, other than some thoughtfulness and sincerity. And the peace, joy, hope that we might impart to another by our actions? Well, they are priceless. ♥️

** Naturally, always employ good measures of wisdom and common sense here, as we never want to do anything to mislead another person – even if that is not our intention. 💡

7 thoughts on “Smile

  1. British people, like myself, have a few socially accepted options. Ignoring and avoiding eye contact is the most socially acceptable, next is the rolling eyes and looking back at your phone… this is also quite accepted. The most ‘out there’ option is my preferred one… a bashful half embarrassed smile. That way it can’t be misinterpreted for anything other than ‘you looked at me and I don’t want to be rude’. I will openly smile genuinely at members of the same gender and at people who are my grandparents age but never ever at a stranger man of marriageable age. I think it’s social conditioning.

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