A Heartfelt Prayer

Continuing my intermittent series called “A Simple Prayer” – where I highlight passages of Scripture that can be repurposed as prayers – I wanted to share these verses from Psalm 139 with you. Kindly read on!

There are very few guarantees in life, but there are some things that I’ve noticed that the Lord regularly responds to, when we pause long enough to ask for them:

▫️God will make Himself known to you if your desire to know is sincere and heartfelt. I’m not saying that you’ll see the clouds part and hear a magestic voice booming from the heavens, but believe me – you’ll know. I feel like I hear most clearly when I am regularly in my Bible (relevant verses practically leaping off the page!) but perhaps the Lord will make Himself known to you in a different way.

▫️The Lord will grant you His peace, wisdom, and discernment – but you must have a personal relationship with Him, and then regularly ask Him for these gifts (in my experience, it’s a daily, ongoing thing).

▫️Pray these verses from Psalm 139 (or you own custom prayer, but with similar themes), and I believe the Lord honors such requests and responds. Why? Well, the Psalm 139 prayer basically asks God to place us back in alignment with Him and His purposes for our lives, and essentially “hands over the keys” of our hearts to Him. Can you think of any reason this side of eternity why the Lord would disregard such a prayer of surrender?

Please hear me: I’m not suggesting that if we pray specific Bible verses, or other pre-printed prayers, that the Lord will only respond to us then. No, that is legalism and is not what I’m trying to say at all! Rather, I think a lot of really good models for prayer can be found in the Bible, and we can offer these verses right back to the Lord during our times with Him, or we can use them as a rough outline for our own custom prayers.

The whole point is that we make the prayers less about our own material needs, and more about what God desires to accomplish in and through ud. When we rearrange our priorities in such a manner, I think we’ll find that the Lord may respond in ways that are quite personal and meaningful to us, and often more direct than we might have ever dared to imagine! 🎯

8 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Prayer

    1. Me too! It is usually a very specific application of a passage of the Bible with which I am generally somewhat familiar. The Holy Spirit reveals things in a way where I’m able to see that passage in a fresh light. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that happens to you, too!

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