Careful Consideration

This passage from Proverbs 4 gives me hope for two main reasons (if I’m reading this verse correctly):

▫️If I do my part – to “carefully consider” (to ponder deeply and with discernment) “the path of [my] feet” (my immediate next steps, as well as the overall purpose and direction of my life);

▫️Then the Lord will do His part (“and all of your ways will be established”).

I thought it would be helpful to turn to my trusty dictionary to help clarify my understanding of “establish” – again, another all-too-familiar word that we may sometimes take for granted. Having consulted my friends at Merriam-Webster, here are a few interesting definitions that I found:

▫️To make for more stable;

▫️To introduce and cause to grow and multiply;

▫️ To bring into existence; to bring about, effect;

▫️ To put on a firm basis;

▫️ To put into a favorable position;

▫️ To gain full recognition or acceptance of.

If even half of these words represents what God is willing to do for us, then we are blessed, indeed. Truly, a little careful consideration goes a long way with the Lord!

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