Mission: Accomplished

Just a simple reminder that God’s got you! He has a plan, and is working that plan for our good and His glory.

So we need not fear – for the Lord is our only Agent of change and transformation. He desires what is best for us; indeed, He bore our sin and shame on the cross so that we wouldn’t have to! If He could accomplish so great a feat, then He is more than able to resolve the (comparatively minor) issues of our lives each day, too. ☀️

11 thoughts on “Mission: Accomplished

      1. 😊 Yes I did ask for wisdom. Thanks for your prayers. It’s great to know that even when I forgot I told you to pray for me, that you didn’t forget to pray. God has been amazing and He helped me handle the issue wisely. Thank you so much for your prayers. God answered it!😊

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