This is one of my life verses! Indeed, if we remember to commit ourselves to God and really trust that He will keep His promises, then we can wait (with confident expectation) for the Lord to act on our behalf.

I have seen this principle play out in my life numerous times, but often in ways I do not expect. So today, as I reflect with gratitude over the past week, I find myself feeling thankful for the compassion of God.

Perhaps it wasn’t what you expected me to write? Well, that makes two of us, but let’s see where the Holy Spirit guides our discussion.

You see, I found myself confronted with a decision on Saturday, and thought I had made the correct choice. I even began to feel excited about it!

Then the Lord orchestrated a delay – the thing I had requested required more information than I had initially put forth; and when I became aware of the matter, I thought to myself, “I’ll deal with it later in the day.”

… until I realized that the delay might be from the Lord and that I might not be meant to have this thing. Thank goodness for the internet; I prayerfully began researching this opportunity further, and was grieved in my heart to learn that this situation was far from ideal. I mean really far away! 🙁

In that moment, I decided to let go of it altogether. I thanked the Lord for His compassion – He could have let me walk headlong into another bad decision, but spared me from it – and then simply moved on in my mind and heart. After all, if the Lord says that something is not good (for me), then I choose to believe Him! It’s mighty painful, otherwise.

Anyway, this verse from Psalm 37 comes to mind. God is merciful, gracious, and compassionate in all that He does; and truly, when we commit our ways to the Lord and trust Him, He will act – even if it is to firmly shut a door that we had no business opening in the first place! ⚓️

12 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Yes, yes! Along with your verse is a companion: seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.
    I love how you express your simple / deep / delighted faith in our Lord.

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  2. “firmly shut a door that we had no business opening in the first place! “ this right here, echoes what the lord has been telling me for quite some time. And he keeps reminding me of this as I find myself opening the door (feelings) when he’s telling me I’ve handle it, now move on. Jesus come through, the Holy Spirit did show up and show out! Jesus! 🙌🏼🙏🏼❤️

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    1. Oh, that’s good, Beutiflee: “… as I find myself opening the door (feelings) when he’s telling me I’ve handle it, now move on.” Isn’t that how we often are, reclaiming memories/feelings we must toss aside?

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