This verse from John 15 gives me hope because the Lord Himself promises that He is the very Source of our joy! Therefore, joy can never be anchored in the fleeting circumstances of life, which can (and usually do) change at a moment’s notice!

No, joy is a decision, based on the truth that we know from the Bible. And truth never changes; indeed, the One we worship – the Way, the Truth, and the Life – is never-changing. Such stability in the midst of the topsy-turvyness of life provides some reassurance, no?

Would you pray with me?

Dear Lord, thank You for being the One true Source of my joy. Thank You for this important reminder from John 15 – joy (not happiness) is possible at all times, provided that my focus is on You, rather than on my circumstances.

I ask for Your forgiveness for allowing myself to get too preoccupied with what is going on around me, rather than orienting my thinking, feeling, and doing around You first and foremost. Thanks for bearing with me, and for reminding me that Your love for me has never been based on what I do – rather, it is defined by that which You have already done for me, and I’m grateful.

As the classic hymn goes, “Fill my cup, Lord! Fill it up, Lord! Fill me ’til I want no more!” May my cup of joy be filled to overflowing each and every day, thanks to You.

In Your name I pray, amen.

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