Reckless Grace

So I came across this quote by Tim Keller the other day, and it made me smile! Truly, I can have hope today because the grace of God – His ummerited favor toward me, which has absolutely nothing to do with my performance – is the very source of the hope that I have as a follower of Christ.

Also, what I really appreciate about this quote is the word “reckless” – often, the word can have negative connotations (people usually associate the term with a lack of control or a disregard for consequences, for instance). However, in the context of God’s grace toward those who follow Him, I interpret it to mean that His benevolence toward us is not hindered or constrained in any way.

This perspective is actually quite comforting, if you stop and think of it. In a similar way, that’s why I so apprciate the parable of the Prodigal Son in the Bible, as well. While the story is familiar to many of us, we often forget that when the son finally returned home to his father, it was the father who took the initiative and ran toward him, with little or no concern for how others would interpret his behavior. Yes, I believe that this is a good picture of God’s regard for us, when we sincerely turn our hearts over to Him; He runs toward us, but may sometimes wait for us to make the decision to return “home” first.

Reckless grace, indeed! I am grateful.


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