The Little Ones

So I had a very interesting day yesterday – so interesting, in fact, that I fell asleep almost as soon as I got home! Some days, we simply need to rest.

At any rate, I was truly blessed on Friday by an unexpected series of interactions that I was able to have with a little two-year-old boy. Allow me to set the scene:

So I was at work – one of the few times when I physically needed to be in the office – for an event that was somewhat social in nature. When I arrived at the venue, I was surprised to see that another colleague had come with her two-year-old grandson in tow.

As we sat through the meeting, the little toddler had much to say, peppering the session with squeals of kiddie delight as he played with his “choo-choo” (train) and other toys. My colleague – we’ll just call her Beth – tried to get her grandson to pipe down a bit, but the boy (we’ll call him Pete) was having none of it.

I should state that I was seated next to Beth and Pete, and was highly amused by it all.

We had each been given a pamphlet to review for the meeting, and little Pete got ahold of his grandma’s, and was clutching onto it as if he had found a lost treasure of gold in the ocean depths. That he could not read a single word on the page appeared to be a secondary consideration to him.

I decided to engage with Pete.

I discreetly beckoned to him, asking if he was going to share his pamphlet with me (previously, he had looked upon me with profound disinterest); much to my surprise, Pete was quite keen to share his little treasure and trotted over to me.

This was all during my work meeting, by the way!

So, in my best inside voice, I tried to point out the things in the pamphlet that I thought Pete would understand: “Yellow, orange, green, blue, people, rectangle.”

Pete was deeply engaged as he at first nearly shouted his assent to these words. I then asked him to use his inside voice, and he did, quietly whispering, “Orange, green, blue, people, rectangle” by way of reply (“yellow” was a bit too much for him that day). I then thanked Pete for sharing his pamphlet with me, asked for a high-five – which he gave – and then let him go back to his grandma.

I was tickled to observe Pete share the pamphlet with his grandma, pointing out the things he had seen (but not remembering too many of the words, though). I focused my attention once again on the meeting, but also kept an eye on Pete, too.

… until little Pete returned with one of his books. Apparently it was reading time again! Grateful that I was wearing jeans, I graciously descended from the chair to the floor, where Pete and I could be eye-to-eye. We both quietly combed through the book on animals, occasionally chirping the name of a familiar or interesting word (“turtle” was one of his favorites) along the way. We finished the book, and I again asked for – and received – a high-five, and then Pete took the book over to his grandma.

I got back up to my chair (other colleagues had observed my actions with some amusement) and refocused my attention on the meeting – and again on Pete. Until…

You got it! Pete came back, with another book in tow.

So I clambered down to the floor again, and went through our now-familiar routine, as we both tried to find “Spot,” the doggie, hidden somewhere within the pages. We wrapped up our time together with the standard high-five farewell, and then parted ways.

When Pete returned to his grandma this time, Beth whispered to me, “I’ve never seen Pete do that before!” I simply smiled, and let her know that I very much enjoyed his company as well. She then took the little guy to the restroom, because he needed a diaper change.

Reflecting on these events, I was reminded of the words of Jesus from Matthew 19: “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them.” I wondered if the Lord engages with us in much the same way that I did with Pete: Fully present, available, responsive, and clearly delighting in the interaction; giving it His full attention, prioritizing our time with Him – and all done with genuine joy and concern.

It makes you think, no? ✝️

Anyway, I simply felt led to share the story. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

6 thoughts on “The Little Ones

  1. It was a delightful story, and reminds me of the childlike faith we should have always. Seeing God through the eyes of “Pete” always eager to be with HIm, learn from Him, have His attention. I am so blessed you shared this. Praise God for giving us examples in the most unexpected places and ways 🙂 LORD, thank You for continuing to bless my dear Sister, and giving her the eyes to see 🙂

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  2. I’m with you! Sounds like Pete was a lot more interesting than your meeting. I’m guessing Beth was appreciative. Clearly a God thing, that Pete and you were so responsive to each other; seems you all three got a huge blessing. And I think you glorified God.

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