Mature Thinking

This verse from 1 Corinthans 14 really hits home with me today because it reminds me that maturity is an ongoing, lifelong process (rather than a switch that can casually be switched off and on). We must work at maturity, and be intentional about it.

I love how this verse states the truth of the matter so plainly: “Do not be children in your thinking.” Children are wonderful and all (or so I’ve heard), but the younger ones especially are unable to think beyond their own needs and desires for long stretches of time. We are cautioned against behaving in a similar way,

It’s not an impossible mandate; rather, it’s one that simply requires consistent focus and deliberate effort. After all, left to our own efforts, we tend to default to thinking of ourselves first and foremost; the only way that our hearts and minds change is when the Holy Spirit is out in front (not in the back!), guiding our every decision.

Indeed, mature thinking is an ongoing process, rather than a final destination, don’t you think? 🐛 ➡️ 🦋



5 thoughts on “Mature Thinking

  1. Alas, as I’ve aged, I realize I had held out the hope that I would, by now, have learned most of what I needed to live a Godly life, to be humble, to always put God first, to serve Him.
    Not so. I suppose I am not alone in the knowing that, the more I learn, the more I need to learn. Lessons are still hard, I still shed tears or cry out in frustration. But, I am quicker to run to my Lord, minute by minute instead of looking in myself first. I know that all my answers lie in His Word – either written, or in the Word that became flesh and now lives in me.
    And He brings me more sheer joy and light (or, I am more able to see and receive it). 😍

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