God’s Character

I was at church on Saturday, and our (new) pastor said something that struck a chord with me. I’ve heard others say it before, but for some reason, the words hit me afresh for some reason. Here is what he said:

God is for you.

Now the context here is that this is a promise that the Lord makes to those who follow after Him. However, even if you find yourself outside of the household of faith, understand that God still cares about you a great deal, and is sovereignly – often subtly, but not always – orchestrating the events of your life so that you come to realize that your life isn’t quite complete without Him.

However, that is a post for another day.

Anyway, back to church this weekend, and our pastor’s words. I think that sometimes, we can get so bogged down in the Christian life, we can feel that if we do not “perform” up to a certain level of expectation, God is somehow upset with us for some reason, and regards us with less favor.

But if that were the case, why would Jesus have died on the cross and have been resurrected three days later? if our works were enough – if the Lord is happier with us on the days that we perform well, and rather miffed with us on the days when we don’t – then shouldn’t the Pharisees and Sadducees have been among Jesus’s most favored followers? Yet, as we so often read in the Gospels, Jesus had the strongest words of rebuke for these individuals. Interesting, no?

And while our external behaviors should be characterized by God-given wisdom and love (you can see my post on the topic from yesterday, if you like), the Bible seems to be clear that – ultimately – what matters most to the Lord is what is happening in our hearts. Do we really believe that He is who He says He is? Do we believe that He’ll do what He says He’ll do? Or do we approach the Lord a certain wariness of heart and mind?

If I’m honest, I often give God the spiritual side-eye more regularly than I’d like to admit – usually, because I’m too focused on my immediate circumstances. And because I’m not able to see a way out, I assume that there isn’t one. Thankfully, God is patient with me, and is working with me and changing my heart in this area, one day at a time. With the Lord, there is always a way out! He in the only one who can blow a hole in the walls that we are facing, and create a door (and then open it just for us) in ways that we could never before thought possible.

Put another way, have we forgotten that God is for us? Now hear me clearly – the Lord is not Someone who exists to do our bidding (a genie He is not, I assure you), but we must believe that – in the eternal economy of God – He is working things out for our ultimate good, if we’ve placed our faith in Him.

And for those of us who believe – who have decided to take Him at His word – the Lord makes several promises that are quite stunning, when you stop to think about them. Consider what this passage from Isaiah 30 says – I’ve briefly summarized the main ideas below:

  • God longs to be gracious to us;
  • He waits on high to have compassion on us;
  • He is just; and
  • We are blessed when we long for Him (as He longs for us).

The word “long” is pretty strong, no? Indeed, there is no emotional half-steppin’ with God – He’s all in. Loves is 100%. No, let me take that back – 150%. No, even more than that – some mind-blowing, astronomically large amount that defies all human understanding. That’s how much He loves us. Loves me. Loves you. And He cares, too. Really, really cares – more than any other person ever could.

So, for these and several other reasons, I’ve chosen Isaiah 30:18 as my verse of the week. If you’re feeling down, lonely, and/or a little hopeless – or even if life is great for you now – be encouraged that there is One who loves you desperately, completely, and only wants what is best for your life. This does not mean that everything in life will go well (there is still sin in the world, after all), but it does mean that there is One who sovereignly superintends over eternity past, present, and future, and that He’s got a plan in place that is unfolding precisely as it should (especially when it appears like the very opposite is happening!).

Then take a moment to rest in this truth and find peace, dear friends.

May the good Lord bless and prosper all that you do in His name this week and always. 💛


16 thoughts on “God’s Character

  1. Wonderful post my friend, so honest and humble. God is always for us. We are human and full of flaws, He knows this for He created us after all didn’t He? He knows, and His Word tells us we will fall short but that He loves us all the same. Praise God for HIs love and mercy. I thank God for continuing to bless you dear Sister 🙂

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    1. Well said, Margaret! You managed to sum up some important themes from both the Old and New Testaments is just a few sentences! ♥️

      BTW how are your neighbors getting on with the insurance companies? I have been praying.

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      1. They are still waiting for an appeal. A miraculous story on my end though. We got ours back, and it was horrible, as was the adjuster that came out. I called the insurance company last week and was discussing it with them. They agreed that there needed to be another adjustment done. The problem was with the new storm Michael, they were sending the local adjusters to help out, and it would be weeks before they could get another adjuster to my home. I kept thanking God for making them do the right thing, and the very next day one of their local adjusters called and said he would come out Monday (today) redo the whole thing, as if it had never been done the first time. Praise God! He just left and praise God, he was so nice and more thorough than the first one. I found myself saying to him, “we don’t need all that” He kept saying, it won’t match if we don’t replace this and that. I was just in awe of how God works, and was happy to share this with the adjuster.

        Thank you for your prayers, and just thank God for making them do the right thing 🙂

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      2. Praise the Lord! What a testimony. I’ve never heard of ANYONE in the insurance industry – particularly after a natural disaster – behave in such a kind and compassionate way! Indeed, we thank the Lord for providing such a miracle for you. 🙂 Keep me posted as you are able, my friend! 🙂

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      3. I know and when the adjuster and the agent showed up at the same time. My agent has a vehicle that states the insurance companies name on it. The adjuster did not. So, my agent got out of his vehicle, and started introducing himself, the adjuster introduced himself. My agent said to me, “How did you get and adjuster out here? I have been calling, emailing them, and nothing” I told them both. “God got him here, I didn’t. I asked God to make y’all do the right thing, and less than a business day he called and said he was coming out” Praise God!

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      4. And the miracles just continue, don’t they? That is incredible – mind-boggling, when you stop and think about it. No other way to explain it except that the Lord intervened in your circumstances and made a way!

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  2. Can I say this is the post I’ve been waiting to read. I want to wholeheartedly thank you for this amazon message. I’m facing a major challenge right now and on one hand feelin very hopeful God is going to see me through. However, on the other hand, I’m very worried and doubts it will happen. I truly believe this is a test I’m in the mist of and I know God is asking me to buckle in even more then I’ve being doing before. I know there’s a huge testimony waiting for me on the other side. But this message right here makes me know that I know that I believe with every fiber in my soul God is going to pull me through this fire without a scar. God is going to open up a new home for me. Home where I can pray, worship, and fellowship with others. I have to be patient and trust. It can be a bit frustrating because I’d like it to happen, like, right now, but God’s timing is the best. Just like the pastor says, “God is for you!” God is for me, no matter what, God is right there putting the final touches on my new home. In Jesus Name! So please keep me in prayer! 🙏🏼

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    1. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! Indeed, we are praising and thanking Him in advance foe the answer to your prayer (and I pray in agreement) that is already on the way. We don’t know how He’ll answer you, but He is good and caring and compassionate, and yes! He’s for you. ✝️ 💛

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