So Friday was a whirlwind of a day.

It started with a couple of urgent messages from Google, alerting me to the fact that my primary personal email account had been hacked. Thankfully, the Gmail police had thwarted the attempt, and advised me to follow the appropriate security precautions.

Also, only a week earlier, someone – perhaps the same person? – accessed another online account that I have, and changed my password. I realized this when I attempted to log in, and was not able to do so successfully. I was alarmed because this service was associated with an entirely different email address. I promptly changed my password there as well.

So back to Friday – in a moment of alarm, I went through and changed a bunch of passwords for several accounts, just to be on the safe side. I couldn’t quite figure out what happened, except that I recently got a new telephone, and return to my old one to the Apple Store. I wonder if someone may have tampered with my old phone? I checked my iCloud account, and was stunned to see that the old phone was still listed as active. 😩

So what did I do? I prayed. I asked the Lord – who sits high, and looks low – to protect my current phone and all online accounts or any further damage. Then, I took the appropriate security precautions: disassociated the old phone from my iCloud account, changed as many passwords as I could think of, and continued to monitor things carefully. I’ve had no more issues, and Lord willing, nothing else will surface!

Was I all atwitter yesterday? Absolutely. I’m not going to lie – when you get word that your online security has been compromised, it feels like a supreme violation. And it is.

But then I realized that the Lord is even above those hackers, and could dramatically intervene in their lives such that the bad behavior stopped. At least that’s what I asked Him to do, anyway. Of course, this request was closely tied to my own personal responsibility: after all, praying for the Lord’s intervention without following wise guidance is never a good approach (tantamount to asking God to protect your home without bothering to lock your front door. Pray and lock the door!).

Indeed, the Lord is always willing to help us, but we must remember our personal responsibility, too. That’s why I like this passage from Colossians 3 – it reminds me that we have a choice: we must be the ones to set our minds on the things above. And when we make that choice, we can then avail ourselves all that heaven has to offer us – but we must do our part, too.

Yes, I continue to closely monitor my online accounts and pray, and so far, so good! I am grateful – and greatly relieved, too. 😅



6 thoughts on “Mindset

    1. I hadn’t thought of praying about online security either, until it was brought to my attention that someone was trying to fraudulently access my personal information and do only-the-Lord-knows-what with it!! You had better believe that I started praying! 🙂

      And yes, He takes care of us, and everythign that concerns us, too. Good point!

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