Good Will

I have selected this passage from Ephesians 6 as my verse of the week, because it reminds that the Lord is principally concerned with matters of the heart and mind first, and our external actions second.

After all, what is the point of rendering service to others if our hearts aren’t in it? Alternatively, what good is our service if our focus is on pleasing other people, rather than on honoring God?

Yes, I find this particular passage of Scripture to be very convicting. It’s something for me to reflect on in the week ahead, for sure. I don’t look at this verse as condemnation, however; rather, it’s simply an important reminder that in all we say and do, our intrinsic motivation should be correct and God-honoring – driven by a sincere desire to be of service to others.

i’m grateful that God continues to raise the bar of accountability and maturity for His children rather than lowering it, aren’t you?  It may require more effort on our part to reach our goal, but we’re always stronger and better off because of the effort we’ve put forth.💡

Have a wonderful week!


5 thoughts on “Good Will

  1. I’ve heard someone say, in a situation when you’d like to give way to the flesh, picture the other person as Jesus Himself. Speak as to Jesus, serving Him instead of speaking to the person as you’d like : render service as to the Lord.

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