Abundant Living

I find myself challenged by this verse from John 10 today. The question I am asking myself is this:  Is my life characterized by a sense of fullness? Not that I’m overly busy or focused on outward signs of prosperity, but rather, am I experiencing the spiritual and emotional abundance that Jesus describes in my heart and mind?

I don’t yet have a settled answer to this one, and since I am sitting with this issue within my own heart and mind, I thought I’d invite you to perhaps do the same.

I feel hopeful, though, because – no matter what my circumstances may indicate – sunshine or clouds, blue sky or rain – such freedom and abundance (essentially, living above our circumstances) is not only available to us, but such peace has already been promised to us by the Lord.

Ponder that! After all, we serve a really big, powerful God; indeed, I need to remind myself of this truth from time to time, so I can simply rest in the abundant living that He has already promised me. 💡

PS – Nothing is amiss in my world, by the way – I’m just thinking out loud. 💛



9 thoughts on “Abundant Living

  1. I was reading in Col 3 this morning, about being risen with Christ, seeking those things which are above and setting our affections on them; putting on the things of Christ (bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind… and above all charity); and let the peace of God rule in your hearts.
    I reflected on moods and feelings. I am leaning toward melancholy for a few days, and wondering if I really ought to strive more toward joyful energy. I don’t have it in me at this time to want to do that, so I thought maybe I should just ask of the Lord, and then He would give me those desires. But then, I thought that God does give us rest sometimes. For now, I am content to lean into the palm of my Father’s hand and draw my strength and comfort from Him. I think that’s abundance, too.

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    1. I think you are right. Let’s remember that Jesus modeled the abundant life, but He was not always joyful. Indeed, He experienced loneliness, sorrow, and disappointment, but His life was still characterized by a certain fullness, don’t you think?

      I think it’s a good example for all of us – there are times of joy and gladness, and there will be times of sadness and low spirits. I think it’s less about the tenor of our feelings, and more about embracing a mindset that recognizes that life is more than the sum of our feelings + our circumstances.

      I’m not sure if any of this is making sense – honestly, I’m still processing these verses myself!

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      1. It absolutely makes sense! “…less about the tenor of our feelings, and more about embracing a mindset that recognizes that life is more than the sum of our feelings + out circumstances” YES. Jesus had all the feelings we have, but He lived an abundant life (to the fullest – is there a word that means abundantest??) because He was always fully tapped into His Father. He was the Lord of Peace.

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