I find these words by Warren Wiersbe to be quite powerful and clarifying – perhaps you agree…?

Yes, I must remember the importance of living according to God’s promises, rather than waiting for explanations that may never come this side of eternity! Wise words, indeed. 💡



21 thoughts on “Outlook

  1. Very true but so hard for someone going through a “Job” situation. How do we offer encouragement through moments like that for someone who seems to be in the desert season for so long

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    1. A fair point, Sharon. As someone who still feels like she is going through an extended desert season with precious few explanations offered from the Lord, I am learning the importance of surrender. When it feels like everything else has been stripped away, and then God keeps allowing other things to be pruned away as well (and the experience is hurtful!), I think we are faced with two choices: Surrender, or become bitter.

      I cannot possibly speak into your situation (and do not think it would be wise for me to do so), but in my own long season of trials, I’ve finally come to the place of understanding that it really is just me and the Lord. Just us. It’s like experiencing a house being stripped to the foundation and finally recognizing that this thing called “house” can only exist because of an unseen base of strength anchoring it securely in place.

      I do not know what your journey is, Sharon, but I will pray for you now. As for me, it has been about spending time with the Foundation, and then – with a surrendered heart and mind – watching as He rebuilds the house, brick by brick, according to His design and timing. I will not lie to you – it is a slow and dificult process at times – observing God allowing parts of our lives to be dismantled, and then watching as He then rebuilds the house (often very slowly). I have very few answers, but I do know that it’s just me and God now, and perhaps that was my lesson. This has been many years in the making for me.

      I’m not sure if any of this makes sense, but I will keep you in prayer, my friend.

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind words, my life has been a season of just me and Jesus. And the work he has me doing to share the gospel. I know no matter what I face and how hard life is, Jesus is my rock and the only consistent one in my life. I was actually thinking of and inferring about people I mentor who don’t have that fountain yet. It’s hard for me to watch them suffer. When I face a trial, I cling on Jesus but these young adults are not there yet. I know prayer is powerful but I don’t know maybe you have more words of wisdom for me!

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      2. I wouldn’t say that I have more wisdom that anyone, actually! It sounds like you have a God-given heart burden from those around you who are strugging. I think it is a kind thing that you are sensitive to their needs and pains – even though (as you say) watching others suffer is always challenging to observe from the sidelines.

        Thank you for sharing your faith with me, Sharon – I find your words to be very encouraging!

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  2. So true, we walk by faith not by sight. Amen! My wife tells me all the time, “some things we won’t know until we get to Heaven.” I pray we can all stay strong in His peace even when the answers are not there yet. God bless you sister!

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    1. I agree with that prayer, Ryan, and will also comment that your wife is a wise woman! I think we can often fall into discouragement because we seek answers that we simply will not receive in this lifetime. I think it’s because we place our hope and peace in the missing answers – rather than in the Lord Himself – that perhaps leads to our low spirits.

      Or then again, maybe it’s just me! I’m definitely a work in progress in this area….

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    1. I have only recently come to some of Warren Wiersbe’s quotes, but they contain a wealth of wisdom and – as you say – depth in them! There is a quote of his that I read the other day that I’m still turning over in my heart and mind. As you say, it’s practical, but deep – and his words (via the Holy Spirit) leave quite an impression!

      Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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