Seeds of Peace

I find this verse from James – particularly, the way that the New Living Translation renders it – to be quite inspiring. In fact, it’s something of a life verse for me.

So much in our world today seems to be about discord and disunity, and where people are willing to break out into fisticuffs at a moment’s notice over the smallest things! To me, this is quite unfortunate.

While I’m not an advocate of pluralism (think: melting pot) or syncretism (the pick-and-choose, buffet approach to faith), I think there is something to be said about how we carry ourselves forward in this world, in addition to what specifically we are saying. More often than not, it’s our behavior – and sometimes even our silence – that others find most compelling, rather than our ability to out-think, out-wit, and out-maneuver the person across the room we’ve deemed to be our “enemy”.

And while we cannot be assured of peace from without, we can be confident of possessing peace from within, when we allow the Holy Spirit to govern our thoughts, words, and actions toward those around us. In fact, when we strive to be at peace within ourselves, it’s only a matter of time before we start spreading these “seeds” around (that is what planting is, after all!). Then, in time, we are the ones who receive the blessing – by reaping a “harvest of righteousness” – as James describes it – in our own lives.

In my view, God only asks us to tend to our own gardens, rather than meddling in other people’s. So it seems to me that if I plant seeds of peace and focus on keeping my garden in good condition – and you attempt to do the same – then that is wisdom, no?



22 thoughts on “Seeds of Peace

    1. I think I like your thought on the garden image better than mine! 🙂

      I feel like this aligns with what the Lord has been teaching me about boundaries. It’s not that we don’t connect with others – we definitely should! – but it’s prudent for us to do so with wisdom and discernment, too. Some people’s gardens have weeds that can not only destroy their own lives, but also choke the spiritual life out of us, if we’re not careful!

      I’m with you – focus on the planting/harvesting, and see if God brings along some like-minded gardeners. Perhaps, as you say, even trade seeds from time to time. 😀

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    1. You both are too kind! It’s funny – I was feeling sort of “meh” when I published this post, but God still finds a way to use the things that we feel are only so-so in our lives, yet He is still able to bring glory to Himself. Only God can do that! 🙂

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      1. Nope. No ‘meh’ in this post at all. In fact, I saw a few words that struck a chord, it couldn’t have been a coincedence. Last week, I was working on the content for our annual family calendar (since 1999, my dad began designing calendars with messages from the Lord on it, and we took it up after he passed). My brother gave me the theme and it was ‘Honour’. As I worked on it, I got messages like ‘Honour the Lord with your silence’ and ‘Honour the Lord with your Character (this was referencing living in peace with others)’. This is so in line with what you have shared and I know it is God giving us confirmation that we are on the right path with that message. So thank you for posting this.

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      2. Oh wow! 🤭 The Lord does work in exceedingly powerful and mysterious ways. Thank you for sharing this Alethea – stories such as yours remind me why the Lord had me start blogging in the first place. Indeed, in all things God works for good….


      3. Amen! No, there is nothing random or coincidental about anything that the Lord does. I love watching how He works, and how He finds special ways to remind us that He’s watching over us with tender love and care.

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