Master Plan

This excerpt from 1 Corinthians 14:33 is one of my favorite passages in the Bible! I have chosen it as my verse of the week because it reminds me that we serve a God of order and design, rather than one of confusion and chaos.

Certainly, there is plenty of confusion and chaos in the world today, yet we must remember that God is sovereign over all things – including the disorder. However, an important distinction is this: It is fundamentally not His nature to do things in a disordered and unorganized fashion. Not at all! Everywhere we look in His creative handwork – especially in nature – we see evidence of design, order, and purpose. There is no randomness with the Lord.

Further, my understanding of the Bible is that God does all things right and well, according to His timing, plan, and purposes. I may not understand what He does and why He does it, but I can always trust that there is a master plan and design behind it all.

Naturally, there are things in our lives that do not make sense to us, and perhaps seem out of order from our narrow perspective. However, this verse reminds me that I can rest in the knowledge that God always has a plan – not just for me, but for everyone and everything – and that, at some point, the things that I do not understand presently will one day make sense. Not on this side of eternity, perhaps, but one day.

Also, I’m not sure that if God gave me that information today, I’d necessarily be better off knowing it. Sometimes, not knowing can be in our best interests (otherwise, I think if I knew even 1% of what God had planned for my life, I’d have pulled a Jonah, fled away from Ninevah, and hopped on the first boat out of town that I could find!).

A brief aside: As I may have mentioned on this blog some time ago, I finished going through the Chronicles of Narnia series – either earlier this year or late last year. I was particuilarly stirred by the final book in the series, called The Last Battle. Without giving anything away, I can say that the book gave me great comfort, and reminded me that things may not make complete sense to me in the present moment, but one day I will appreciate that God was planning His work and working His plan all along, and that it has been unfolding precisely as it should – even (especially?) when it haven’t made sense to me.

This truth gives me comfort and hope. I wish the same to you – now and always.


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