Purpose, Not Perfection

This is my life quote! I truly believe in doing all things well – not perfectly, but well (I’ll admit that I still struggle in this area, though).

Still, I love these words because they remind me that everyone’s road may look a little different, and that we’re all generally a lot happier when we focus on enjoying our own journey, rather than trying to figure out everyone else’s!


10 thoughts on “Purpose, Not Perfection

    1. Goodness gracious, I meant to say “road”! 😳 Not sure how I overlooked that, but I’ve since corrected the word. Thank you!

      There just is no way to make sense out of “everybody’s bear is different.” 😂

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  1. Well said, Daily. I was just having a conversation with someone about this, so very timely!

    I would say:

    1) Strive for excellence
    2) Keep a clear conscience by being honest
    3) Cut yourself some slack when you mess up in areas ‘1’ and ‘2’

    God bless you!

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