The Giving Heart

Merry Christmas! On this special day, let’s follow God’s example by thinking of what we may do for others first, rather than focusing primarily on ourselves.

I have experienced this – truly, there is a joy in giving. I’m not exclusively talking about giving actual presents, but rather, remembering how we can be thoughtful and considerate of others during this time.

I am thankful and blessed because I spent Christmas Eve with a dear friend and her family. Following a hearty dinner, we played a fun board game (not for the faint of heart – it required lots of thinking and strategy!). Once the game concluded, we enjoyed some dessert before I headed back home.

I had a delightful time, and am grateful that my friend so generously shared her time – and her family! – with me. A good time was had by all, and there were lots of laughs, too.

As an aside, someone blessed me with a brand new Bible – a translation that I already had at home – so rather than keeping it for myself, I offered to my friend. She seemed grateful to receive it, noting that she often gives Bibles away to others as the Spirit leads. So, we’ll see how God uses this gift to touch someone else’s life.

Yes, being generous – whether it is with our time, talents, or treasure – is a joy, especially when we desire to honor God with our actions. I think this is what the passage in Luke 6 refers to when it says that “your gift will return to you in full.” Indeed, it does – in the form of gratitude and joy.

Merry Christmas! ✝️💛🌲


9 thoughts on “The Giving Heart

  1. Even as a child, I heard it was more blessed to give than to receive. I found it to be true early on, when we volunteered as a family – such joy! Jesus, the Almighty Giver, counted it all joy to give us His very life.

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