Wise Counsel

More often than not, the wisdom from the Bible stands firmly on its own, sans interpretation. And the way it says things so perfectly – who could argue with the wisdom and insight demonstrated in passages like this one from Proverbs 21?

I love how relevant and timely the Bible is! This verse, in particular really resonated with me, as God has been showing me how to lessen my “soul troubles” by not necessarily speaking out all that I see. I’m learning that some insights are best kept inside, until I get the green light from On High to share them. 💡 I’m still learning!

Have a great week.


3 thoughts on “Wise Counsel

  1. I, too, love how the Bible says things so perfectly. With every turn of phrase, every verse, we stand astounded at its simple meaning that we can turn over and over; that we can apply in so many situations and ages; that we can expound through the wisdom of the Spirit within us.

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