Power’s Out! God’s Still Good.

Hi friends,

So my customary Thursday post will have to wait, as the power has just gone out in my apartment due to the heavy rains we’ve been having here in Northern Calfornia. I’m pecking this message out to you on my mobile phone with my flashlight by my side, but I need to conserve my phone battery until the power comes back on – so this message will be brief,

However, God is still good! Months ago, when the Camp Fire started in November and the air quality was so poor, we prayed for rain. And God answered that prayer, and continues to do so.

So if the power comes back on before the morning, I may try to post something when I get up, before I start my workday. If I do that, I’ll likely take this post down or change it a bit. Thanks for your patience! 🧡

However, even while in the dark, I cannot end the post without sharing an encouraging Bible verse. We are indeed blessed when we trust the Lord – even when the power goes out!


18 thoughts on “Power’s Out! God’s Still Good.

    1. That is great news that you and your family will hopfeully be headed to California in the summer! I haven’t been to Disneyland in ages (since college?), but I’ll likely be in Orange County in March, if all goes to plan, to visit a friend who lives out that way. 🙂

      I’ve never been to Colorado – I’ve always been a little nervous about going due to the altitude and my asthma situation, but the beautiful photos that you post on your blog have me rethinking this strategy!

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      1. That’s cool! We love the Orange County area, especially Garden Grove and Anaheim. Our trip to San Diego last June was awesome too! We went to Disneyland last March over Spring Break. My wife and kids want to see the new Star Wars Land that opens this summer, so they want to go back. It should be done before July. You would love Colorado! The altitude does bother people at times. My Mom has trouble breathing out here sometimes. Just need to pace yourself differently and it’s okay. The air in Cali seemed thick at times because we were right by the ocean in San Diego. Some days that morning mist was thick and we were not used to the moisture in the air. We are so used to the thin crisp air here. If you ever visit Colorado, let me know! Would love to have you over for dinner! God bless!

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      2. Hey Ryan, I wish they lived closer to orange county – it would be nice to meet you and your family. And if I ever make it to Colorado and my asthma can survive the trip, it would be wonderful to meet your family in your home state. 🙂

        It sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned – can’t wait to hear all about it!

        I’ve never heard anybody describe the air in California as “thick”. It really must be quite different there in Colorado!

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    1. Hi Callee! Yes, I am grateful for the rain as well, as I remember the horrible air quality days back in November, and would rather put on rainboots and use my umbrella than deal with such harsh weather/breathing conditions ever again.

      And yes, the green hills are nice, no? We often forget in California that the hills are supposed to be green. 🙂

      The power came back on just after midnight, so I was only in the dark for around two hours. Hopefully you’re not having any power issues there on the central coast!

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      1. Some people did have issues, but I wasn’t one of them. A lot of trees blow over and down power lines during the rainy season here – that’s usually the culprit.

        The green hills are nice, yes. I grew up in a place where the land followed the harsher seasons and the grass began growing after the winter snow melted, usually around March or April.

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      2. I’m glad to hear that you were not impacted by the power outage. But it must be scary when the trees fall and hit the power lines!

        It sounds like where you grew up you enjoyed a proper winter. I am a California girl through and through – I don’t know if I could survive a real winter! 😳

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