Prayer of Peace

Today has been quite a day! In fact, the past 48 hours have been something of a blur. Allow me to explain:

I have been working quite intently on a project for my job, and had planned for things to go in a certain direction. Suddenly, without warning, things went sideways and the plan that I had so carefully constructed essentially reached a dead end. I was reminded that life often throws us a curve ball, and even our best-laid plans must be set aside. Such was my situation on Wednesday morning.

Quite unexpectedly, I couldn’t see a way through the situation. I mean, no way out! And this is rare for me, because I am a planner and like to map things out (in case you couldn’t tell from this blog). Further, I was coming against a tight deadline, and I wasn’t sure what the path forward was supposed to be.

Thankfully, the Lord put a good friend/colleague in my path, and she helped shed some light on a potential resolution to the problem. Even so, as I headed back to the office that day — an unplanned pit stop for sure — I decided to lay it all out on the line for God. I let Him know that I couldn’t see a way forward; I confessed my anxiety; and most importantly, I asked the Holy Spirit to give me His peace and to show me what my next step should be.

I can’t say that the skies parted and I heard the Lord speak to me in an audible way, but a word that came to me was “peace”. It occurred to me that, despite the chaos and upheaval happening that day, I still had a choice: to speak peace to the situation, or to let things escalate into greater disarray. As I thought more deeply about the situation, it occurred to me that the problem simply was one of misunderstanding and confusion, and if I practiced empathy and worked to help clarify things for the other person involved, we might make progress.

And that’s exactly what happened — a miracle, in my view. However, the project is not quite over, so I am prayerful that this progress will continue.

Still, it’s a reminder to me that God’s helpful intervention in our lives is always a blessing, but His help often comes through at the eleventh hour, when things seem bleakest, and when we’re nearly (but not fully) fresh out of hope! Yes, as I’ve said before, walking with the Lord is fairly simple and straightforward, but it is rarely easy. More often than I would like, He allows a time of testing to happen, and then watches to see what we will do in response. After all, this is how we grow and learn, no?

At any rate, it was a long and draining day (week?). However, I can now say at the end of it that I feel better than I did when it started, and that we serve a God who specializes in surprises. Generally speaking, I don’t like surprises, but I see that Jesus does, so I’m trying to roll with it. 🙂

So my prayer today is a simple one: I wish the peace of the Holy Spirit to all who read this post. Such peace may not always come right away, but it will come, if we sincerely seek it and rely on the Lord’s guiding hand. Additionally, He is faithful to send along the resources and support we need at just the right time – not before, not after – at the precise moment when He knows we need it most.

This encourages me, and I hope that it does the same for you. Let’s rest in the peace that the Lord provides — even when the storms of life rage around us — and resolutely trust God, come what may.


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