The Upward Climb

There is great wisdom in this cartoon! We can so often spend our time trying to climb the mountain, we never stop to think about what we will find when we finally “arrive”. Indeed, the view from the top may not be quite as carefree as we initially imagined.

In my experience, if we focus more on the journey and less on the final destination, we’ll be content whether we find ourselves in the valleys or mountains of life (blooming where we’re planted and all that). 🌿


And speaking of plants, I had to share another cartoon that made me chuckle. I’m not much of a gardener, but even I know that the important information is listed on the tag! 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Upward Climb

  1. Hilarious, even the 2nd one. I wish we all could read some labels. I’d like to see the warning label ahead of time before jumping into a relationship. Thankfully, God reveals the truth when we ask. At times, we’re the ones with the warning label. Tough truth, but it’s what helps us develop into the person we’re meant to be. Thanks!

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