Food for Thought #3

I have always wondered what the Bible means by the words, “Let your light shine” (as found in Matthew 5). A few verses earlier, Jesus calls His followers “the light of the world,” and goes on to say that a city on a hill cannot be hidden.

While I understand and appreciate the biblical concept of light — transformative illumination in otherwise dark places — I still wonder what the “let your light shine” command means in day-to-day, practical terms.

What do you think?


19 thoughts on “Food for Thought #3

  1. This verse is so wonderful to us. Recently we began looking at the word, “light & lamp” in other verses and were amazed at the number of meanings it carries. When we looked at it in the context of this verse we discovered it could be considered gladness and God Himself is Light. Some days are easier then others to be the “light” 🙂

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    1. This is really helpful background context to have – thank you for sharing it. I never considered light in association with gladness before! And when you put the two concepts together – gladness and that God Himself as light – the concept becomes even more powerful.

      Bless you for sharing these insights! 😀

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    1. You are spot-on there. I suppose that if the world cannot observe Jesus in and through us by our actions and words, then how different are we really from the rest of the watching world?


  2. A famous song I heard said, “When they see me, let them see you.” I believe the light means, show the world how God has changes you. Why do we follow God, how do we diligently work for His glory, show the world humility, kindness, peace, and how Gods word reflect our lives. For me it’s about discipline and obedience. I’ve had to remove a lot of things from my lifestyle to make room for God. I want the light of Faith to burn brilliantly so it can attract those who are lost to Christ.

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    1. Thanks, Tiffany! Yes, the transformation that the Spirit initiates and maintains in our lives is key, and may very well be the most powerful testimony that we can share with others.

      And to your other point, yes, light and darkness cannot coexist, so all of us are on a journey to “make more room” for Jesus in our minds and hearts.

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  3. I do agree that light is representative of many good things, but they all lead back to God as He also represents Light, and His Light shining in us is what we are to represent to the world. We are to represent God in our actions by what we do, and not only by what we say. It’s not good enough to just know scriptures…. we need to live them.

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