Wise + Humble

I came across this excerpt from Proverbs 11 recently and thought to myself, “I need to make a note of this verse.”

The connection between wisdom and humility seems to be one that is reinforced throughout the Bible. From my observation, it seems like the Lord is most willing to reveal Himself (and His ways) to those who have a high view of Him, paired with what Romans 12:3 outlines as a “sober self-assessment” (how the former pastor of my church described the Romans 12 passage). Put another way, when we appreciate God for who He really is and come before Him with reverance and awe, we’ll recognize that He is in the driver’s seat of our lives, and that we sit in the passenger seat eager to see where He’ll take us next (we must remember to hand Him the keys first, however!). 🗝

Will you pray with me?

Dear Jesus, please keep me humble and wise, and remind me to always have an accurate and high view of who You are.

Also, please help to remember that humility and low self-esteem are not the same thing! It is never Your will for me to have a low view of myself — rather, remind me to maintain a sober self-assessment (an accurate and healthy regard for myself) based on the truth in Your Word. In Your Name I pray, amen.


6 thoughts on “Wise + Humble

    1. Well said. John knew better than most his place and purpose relative the Lord, and accomplished that which God had called him to do. An excellent example for us to follow (although a diet of locusts and wild honey sounds rough!), for sure.

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      1. I don’t know if we can learn to love it (the “whatever”), but perhaps accept it and rely upon His grace to get us through the season.

        I can’t imagine that John LOVED wearing a hair shirt and eating locusts and wild honey (talk about a difficult meal – he’d have to catch the locusts before eating them, and secure the honey from the bees – no easy feat!) 😳, but the man understood why God placed him on the planet and walked resolutely in his purpose.

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