Well Made

I am thankful today for my health, and for this remarkable (and resilient!) body that the Lord has given me. Allow me to explain:

Last week, I went to a sandwich shop (one I usually do not frequent, but I was pressed for time), and I ordered a vegan, gluten-free sandwich — sounds pretty harmless, right? Wrong. The sandwich felt like a brick when I held it in my hand, and was coated through and through with a thick, heavy sauce. Reluctantly, I ate the sandwich, but I regretted it! You see, I’m used to eating pretty cleanly (very little that is heavy or spicy), and this sandwich did not sit well in my system.

However, after feeling unwell for a couple of days, I got better, and I am thankful that my symptoms — while unpleasant — were pretty mild, and that my immune system swiftly kicked into high gear, so that my recovery time was fairly swift. However, I did file a complaint with the sandwich shop (I suspect cross-contamination with some meat/dairy products, among other issues), and was told that an investigation was being launched into the matter. That’s something, right?

Secondly, I’m thankful because my asthma seems to be getting appreciably better! 😀 I’m still honoring my limitations and taking my medicines, but I’m also introducing some dietary changes. Without going into detail, asthma fundamentally is a disease of inflammation, so I’m trying to make more educated choices about nutrition. I believe that a good blend of medicine, dietary changes/exercise, and a good stress management strategy will hopefully get my asthma well under control again. I’m not fully out of the woods yet, but this is the best I’ve felt on the asthma front for quite some time.

So I am grateful to God for His provision of better health this past week, and for His wisdom so that I can get continue rest well, keep stress down, eat wisely (no more sandwiches from that restaurant!), and exercise thoughtfully. Most importantly, I am trying to remember to be gentle with myself and take each day as it comes, and I know that I really need the Lord’s strength and peace to help me reach these goals each day.

The week ahead will be a particularly busy one at work, so I want to keep the concept of good self-care at the forefront of my heart and mind. Lord willing, I will continue to make progress on the health front — one day at a time.


6 thoughts on “Well Made

  1. Oh, my – so much to say here!
    We are, indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made. Look at the abuse to which we subject our bodies: the contaminants we breathe and drink and eat; some without our knowledge or consent, some of which we intake willingly. Compare that with the grace and mercy God shows in keeping us 1) alive, 2) able to function, and 3) able to continue to choose.
    I also have health issues and must watch what I consume. Some items I know I must simply always avoid. There are some items I like to eat, and I know I’ll have consequences, but I sometimes choose to believe that the consequences are worth eating that substance. Sometimes I’m very good about my diet. Sometimes I tread far away from the line I know I should toe.
    Isn’t sin like that? We sin unknowingly sometimes, but it’s still sin (refer to God’s laws about how to atone for ignorant sin, and we know that sin is sin is sin, even when we don’t know it or mean it). Sometimes we choose to sin and figure we can live with the consequences. Sometimes that’s true; HOWEVER: we miss the abundant life/joy/peace God desires when we choose our ways over His. And sometimes we cannot foresee the consequences, and we suffer far greater than we imagined, along with others we harm in our sin.

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    1. Such a beautiful and insightful comment, Kathy. The parallels between our physical nutrition and our spiritual growth are quite remarkable!

      I also must be quite careful about food, too. The older I get, the more I see the connectedness between what we eat and how we feel (the same is true spiritually, too).

      Thanks again for yout encouraging comment! ✝️

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