Food for Thought #4

This passage from Galatians 5 recently came to my mind, and I found myself contemplating this verse — a familiar passage for sure.

However, the terms “live by the Spirit” and “walk by the Spirit” stand out to me here. I certainly have my own thoughts about this verse, but I am curious to hear yours as well. What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Food for Thought #4

  1. Dont leave to please or gain the approval of the world. Delay instant gratification and fit you life to pleasing God. Tap into what God says to do each day. Sort of like devote your life to honoring God. Then you’ll live by the spirit. I’m guessing, I have a headache this morning and I’m sleepy. 🙏🏽

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    1. Well said, Tiffany, despite your headache and fatigue! Your name popped up on my prayer app a couple of times this week and I prayed for you to feel better, but I did not even know you were feeling unwell at the time! God’s mysterious ways….

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