So I got my days mixed up, and was getting ready to prepare my Friday humor post when I remembered that I had to get through Thursday first! So here we go.

I like this rendering of Proverbs 22:1, as it reminds me of the importance of key personal qualities like reputation and respect.

After all, what is the point of climbing the ladder of success and accumulating a bunch of material goods, if after reaching the top rung our reputations are tarnished and we have compromised our integrity? No, there is a better way — where excellence, honesty, and moral rectitude are esteemed far more than the acquisition of status or things. However, I need God’s help each day to keep my focus on His priorities, rather than on the bright and shiny distractions that the world offers.

Will you pray with me?

Dear Lord, thank You for reminding me that there is always a right way to behave — a standard that You have set, and one You empower us to achieve whenever we ask for Your help.

Remind me to be a person who seeks after the things that matter to You, and who engages with others in a thoughtful and considerate way. Help me to remember that a good reputation is one of my most prized possessions, and respect earned by doing life Your way is worth far more than the most precious of gemstones.

Keep me always on the forward path of life, walking side-by-side (or perhaps just a little behind) You. In Your name I pray, amen.



12 thoughts on “Reputation

  1. Amen this was a great reminder. But I don’t always put much thought in reputation. I just focus on integrity and loads of patience, 😆 . Honoring God builds reputation. So when we focus only on God, we begin to move as the Holy Spirit guides our actions, words, and steps. We all just need more Grace to go through it. Grace shall always win! Great post.

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