Blessed Rest

As I wrap up the last day of my vacation (I’ve been out of town, visiting a close friend), I have been deeply reminded about the refreshment and joy that can be found by simply resting.

The focus on these regular “staycations” with my friend has always centered on relaxation: We simply talk, eat, rest, meet up with another friend or two, and watch a few good movies. There is no other agenda during this time, and both of us (as introverts) walk away from the weekend feeling relaxed and energized. Such refreshment is a great blessing!

Further, I have slept incredibly well while on vacation (the bed in my friend’s guest room is incredibly comfortable), and it’s been nice to wake up each day feeling so well rested.

So for these and other related reasons, I am filled with gratitude today. I wish you all a good week, filled with meaningful opportunities to rest and recharge, when needed.


12 thoughts on “Blessed Rest

      1. I can empathize to an extent. It’s difficult when we pour out our hearts out to the Lord and do not hear much by way of a reply.

        I am learning that the Lord is taking me through a journey of deep healing. And in order for that to happen, some painful wounds from the past (and present) need to be surfaced and dealt with by the Lord. It is a difficult season, but I also see His redemptive hand at work in the midst of it.

        I know that our situations are different, but I hope that this comment lets you know that you are not alone and how you are feeling. The Lord is with you, even when it doesn’t feel like it. ✝️

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