God Is With You

This is a familiar verse for some of us. What jumps out to me, though, is the first sentence: “Have I not commanded you?”

I must admit to sometimes viewing God’s instructions as suggestions to ponder, rather than commands to be obeyed. I can be prone to anxious thinking, and so the distance between the contentment I experience in the Lord and fear and dismay (usually stemming from my feelings and fear-based thoughts) can be quite short at times.

And yet the Lord’s command — if it was good for Joshua, it’s surely still spot-on for me as well — is to do the very opposite of being afraid and dismayed: “Be strong and courageous.” Why? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: “the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

What a reminder! In my comings and goings, God is with me. When things are hard, God is with me. And when I feel alone, He is present with me even in my solitude. These truths bring comfort, but I’ll be the first to admit that I still have a ways to go before I arrive at “strong and courageous”. However, little by little and day by day, progress is being made — and this is a good thing.

What do you think of this directive from God? And how are you doing on the “strong and courageous” front?


12 thoughts on “God Is With You

  1. Amen! The Lord has used that Scripture many times in my life. I actually have a little box of “Bible verse cards for Dads” on top of my gun safe and that is the verse on the front of the box. To me it means to trust God with our whole heart and obey Him like a good soldier. As we move forward in Him, He will give us all the strength and courage we need to do His will. Hope all is well for you sister! God bless!

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    1. I like what you say about obeying God “like a good soldier” — it’s not something done out of habit or circumstance, but rather because we are in a very real spiritual battle and need to remember whose side we are on! We obey the Lord because it is the only path to victory and freedom.

      Thank, Ryan! I hope you are well, too! 😀

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  2. I’ve not had much of the timid and shy about me – I’m not built that way. Other women ask me, “How were you brave enough to do that???” When I was only thinking that it was the best of the available choices, nothing “brave” about it.
    But yes, I have personal, intimate fears. These I share with my personal, intimate God, and He listens and lets me stumble through until I clearly know and obey Him.

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  3. God really does provide us with those things because people tell me I am strong, can do everything, if they need something done, I’m the go to…and I always think WHAT? I feel like, oh I don’t know what the word is but its whatever the opposite of that is. Therefore more proof the Almighty is with us. If any of that is true about me then it is Him they see. Praying all is well with you 🙂

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    1. Exactly! I’m usually thinking, “You think I know what do here? I’m just as bewildered as you!” So, as you say, they must be seeing Someone else. ✝️

      Still praying for you and your family, Margaret! And how are your neighbors getting on?

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      1. We are all still waiting. We are being told it could be next year before repairs can be done. No one, me, the neighbours, friends, everyone I see, can even get anyone to call us back. Voicemails are full, and if we reach anyone on the phone they say, “we’ve still got you on our list” or “we aren’t taking any new jobs because we can’t complete the ones we have now. There are not enough workers, not enough materials. I think God is teaching me patience 🙂

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      2. Oh my! 🤭 I had hoped that things had improved for you and your neighbors — this is terrible!

        You may be right about the patience, but I wonder if the Lord is not exposing the fraudulent behavior of these insurance companies in order to deal with it swiftly and decisively. I will be praying in that direction for you and your neighbors! Thanks again for the update. 🧡

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      3. It seems to be the perfect storm no pun intended. Insurance is jamming folks up. But now that the wake of that is coming to an end there just aren’t enough workers here to do the repairs people need to have done. Like roofing. There were only a handful of roofers in our area but every house you see has tarps over them.

        So, there just aren’t enough people to do the repairs. No contractor is taking new jobs. All the handymen are backed up for months. It’s just crazy. I am not one to wait around. I was calling the day the power came back on, and was put on several “lists” I call them every other day 🙂 I am still on their lists but keep getting told they are backed up.

        The closest other towns to us are an hour away in each direction so not many are willing to travel that far to do work. I am blessed to have a livable home thank God. I appreciate your prayers for our little community. God will get us through 🙂

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      4. Ah — this sounds like an unfortunate supply and demand issue. 😦 I am glad that you are safe (and your home is habitable), but it looks like large-scale recovery for your community may yet be a ways off. I shall continue to pray! 🧡

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