The Surprise

If I’ve said it once, I’ve likely said it  many times: good friends are a gift from the Lord — especially when He throws a surprise or two into the equation. Allow me to explain:

Last Wednesday afternoon, I was out of town (about a thirty-minute drive or so away for a meeting). Where I was headed, I had never before been, so I gave myself plenty of time to get there.

The weather was fine (warm and sunny for the most part, with intermittent showers), and the drive to the meeting more beautiful than I had ever expected — with lots of lush foliage, welcoming trees, and a peace and quiet that I never knew existed on the other side of the freeway.

I made it to my destination and was at first struck by how serene and remote it was, and took a moment to really savor my surroundings. Then, I refocused, so I could make it to my meeting on time.

Upon my arrival (I was early), I was told that the organizers were running behind schedule, and was asked to wait in the lobby. I asked if I had time to go to the restroom, and after getting the green light (and directions about where to go), I set off on my way.

Allow me to remind you that I was in a very off-the-beaten-path location, and I knew no one there prior to my arrival (outside of a few phone and email conversations a few days earlier). So imagine my surprise when I exited the lobby, headed to the courtyard (en route to the restroom), and… ran smack-dab into an old friend with whom I’d lost touch. We immediately recognized each other, but even though we were there for different reasons, we squealed with delight and embraced one another on the spot.

We both marvelled. I don’t believe in coincidences, but there simply is no way that she and I would have run into one another so unexpectedly (in this way-off place!) unless the Lord had a hand in it. We quickly made plans to catch up in person — the first time in years — a few days later.

We met up on Sunday (yesterday), and picked up our conversation where it seemed to have left off all those years ago. The trust was still there, and we took turns talking and listening to one another. In many ways, our stories had several parallels, and in others, some differences.

Either way, the visit was a treat. We’re committed to meeting up more regularly now. Mind you, nothing bad had happened; we both simply got distracted with other things. However, I am reminded that a good friend (one who “sticks closer than a brother,” as Proverbs 18 says) is a real blessing from the Lord. Consequently, both parties must make a concerted effort to keep the friendship going. I reckon that’s the only way good friendships can continue to “stick”. 💡

And that is precisely what we’ve now done — with a lot of help from the Lord! I thank God for bringing this dear friend back into my life so unexpectedly — what a kind and loving thing for Him to have done. 🧡


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