Pursuit of Happiness

When I came across this quote by CS Lewis, I thought to myself, “yes, that makes good sense.” So much so that it should be common sense, don’t you think? However, the more I think about “common sense.” the more I realize how rare/uncommon it actually is.

But I digress — sort of. 🔄

I believe that we should seek joy (contentment), rather than happiness, which is often fleeting or illusive. Mercifully, we can never “lose” our relationship with the Lord once we are His. Thank goodness that He’s in it for the long  haul, and never gives up on us! ✝️


10 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happiness

  1. If I lose all my material possessions, my flesh would lose happiness, but because God is still on my side, my spirit is full of peace and joy nothing can take that away. God is still in control, that makes me happy.

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  2. It is very easy to allow our happiness to depend on extraneous or intrinsic things. But, as you point out, our joy must be found in the Only One we cannot lose, God, our Savior. He may allow us (because He loves us) to gain and lose possessions, relationships, circumstances, and loves. May we remain steadfast in Him throughout it all.

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  3. I agree that it is so important to choose wisely where we may find our happiness. Material things, for example, are only temporary and do not last forever. I recently wrote an article about what it means to pursue happiness from the perspective of positive psychology, which focuses on what it means to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Feel free to check out sometime and leave any contributions that you would like. Great post, I am a fan of C.S. Lewis!

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