A Really Good Day

As I reflect on the past week, I find that I am most thankful for a really wonderful day on Saturday — it was truly delightful!

You see, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop featuring a teacher I greatly admired (who is considered to be major leader in his field) and I had a wonderful time learning and connecting with the other attendees as well.

I am still quite amazed by everything; after all, this teacher is lives in England, and I never imagined that I would ever meet him in person and learn from him in real time.

It’s funny how God works sometimes. Quite unexpectedly (some might say “by chance,” but I don’t believe in coincidence), this instructor just happened to be in the area — no more than a stone’s throw (perhaps about twenty minutes at the most?) away. So I of course jumped at the opportunity to attend the session on Saturday.

Further, for some reason, the teacher took a shine to me (I was the only student in the room still in the certification program — everyone else had been certified long ago, and had been teaching for awhile), and actually put me on the spot more than once to see what I really knew. I know that it may sound a little rough, but honestly it was done in a kind way.  After all, the only way to grow as a teacher is by practice.

In one memorable instance, I was called to the front of the room to lead a brief sample teaching segment while everyone else watched — and it all happened so quickly that I didn’t have the time to worry about it. So up I went, and God was faithful! I apparently performed well, as the presenter wanted to know who was training and mentoring me. And the ironic thing is that no one has been mentoring me – outside of the Lord’s guidance and the hundreds of hours of independent observation I have done for the past eighteen months, there really has been no one showing me what to do.

So anyway, after the day’s events ended, I thanked the teacher for taking the time to travel out this way.  It truly was a wonderful experience from beginning to end, and I left there feeling the happiest and most joyful I have felt in a very long time! I was reminded about how much I enjoy learning for its own sake, and felt inspired to complete my certification program (in the home stretch!).

I’m not sure if I will ever see the teacher from England again – then again, if the Lord could so orchestrate the events of my life (and his) so that we had the opportunity to meet in such an unexpected way, then I certainly hope that He will do it again! Either way, I saw God’s hand in everything that happened this past weekend, and I am grateful. 🧡

Have a wonderful week!


10 thoughts on “A Really Good Day

  1. I just love it when God orchestrates things for us, then gives us the eyes to see it and hearts to appreciate it! What joy comes through your words! I’m so glad that you had that great experience, and that you’ve been able to hide these things in your heart.
    Thank you for sharing.

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