Joy and Peace

This verse reminds me that the all of the spiritual resources that the Lord gives us (joy and peace, among others) are available for us to access at any time.  What a comfort it is to know that that these promises can be accessed at any time! God is good.

Will you pray with me?

Dear Lord, I thank You that the Your promises are all yes and amen! Remind me to choose Your joy and peace each day — and to commit all else to Your tender and loving care. In Your name I pray, amen.


9 thoughts on “Joy and Peace

  1. We are in the midst of a raging blizzard, which began as freezing rain. We have joy and peace in knowing our Heavenly Father cares for us. God has blessed my husband with amazing abilities to sense and follow through with maintenance and foresight. Some around our area have lost power. We have not; yet, come what may, we will still have the Living Power and His joy and peace!

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      1. We’ve got the power! 😁
        Wow, did we shovel and snowblow today! We’re figuring we got 28-30″. We’re rather shot now, but resting up to tackle it again tomorrow. A few hours outside didn’t make much of a dent in the big picture.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in prayer, Joseph. Things have generally gotten better, but I have to be careful – if I am around something that triggers my symptoms, or if I don’t stretch regularly enough, then asthma comes back. I actually had to turn down a work project today, As the location really triggered my asthma when I was there the last time.

      My work situation remains unresolved. I have simply moved into a place of acceptance about it all. I must remember that only God is the One who provides for my every day.

      How are things with you? I’m glad to hear that things are better with your mom, and I keep praying for strength and perseverance for you as you keep up your resolve (re: not smoking). Also – and forgive me if you’ve answered this before, but I’m not remembering – is your ear better? I keep praying on that, but maybe it’s been healed by now!


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