This verse from Romans 12 reminds me of an important lesson: while evil does exist in the world, it is possible to overcome it — but only with God’s help.

I believe that spiritual warfare is very real (especially around this time of the year). I suppose, then, that I should not be surprised when the following happened:

▪️My toaster nearly caught on fire early Monday morning. I stuck with my regular routine (two slices of gluten-free bread in the toaster), but was greatly dismayed when smoke began billowing from the toaster only a minute or two later. In short order, my apartment smelled strongly of smoke, and I had to throw the toaster away. However, this event caused me to…

▪️Get a migraine. 😰 I rarely get migraines, but when I am in the presence of a strong smell (in this case, smoke), it doesn’t take long. Thankfully, the headache has now passed, but for about fifteen hours before then, life was not fun. This experience was greatly amplified when…

▪️I was flat-out given the brush-off for an exciting opportunity (sort of like an internship, but for my certification program) based simply on how I look. You know how it is when someone looks you up and down, and immediately judges you based on your image, rather than what you know? Yes, that. I suppose that — living in California — I do not think too much about racism, because the state is so culturally diverse. However, when I went in to meet the person in charge of the program, it was evident by her reaction that she did not expect me to be a woman of color. Without taking the time to inquire about my qualifications, she was dismissive and rude almost immediately. Later, when I followed up on the opportunity that she and I had discussed only a few weeks earlier, suddenly she “no longer had a need” for someone to join the program at this time. Right — like I was born yesterday! I thanked God for revealing her bad attitude right away, but must admit that it still stings a bit.

But today is a new day. My friends, this is exactly what Easter week spiritual warfare looks like! I know this is true because I felt discouraged and frustrated quite easily, and this mindset persistent for much of the day. I had to remind myself that I do not wish to be surrounded by small-minded people who only focus on what they see on the outside, rather than on what I know; that headaches happen; and that toasters will break down (thankfully there was no electrical fire).  However, when these things happen back to back to back, then I know that I am being spiritually attacked.

And despite the evil in the world, as the Bible indicates, it is possible to overcome it by dwelling on that which is good. So, after being encouraged by a godly friend of mine, I made the decision to praise God and thank Him, regardless of what else comes my way. It’s a decision that I’ve made in advance, and I am determined to stick with it.

And as I said, today is a new day – a fresh start.  The smoke has dissipated, the headache is gone, and the racist woman has been prayed for and released. I have to surrender the bad things to God — otherwise, how will I make room for the good things that He plans to send my way?

So if you feel like you’re being tested and tried this week, remember that it’s not a coincidence. Accept the difficulty for what it is, and see if there’s a way to still honor God in the midst of it. You may feel down for a little bit, but trust the Lord! He will find a way to help bring you back up again (and in my case, He brought along a godly friend who provided encouragement and support during a hard time).

As as the verse says, let’s remember to overcome evil with good. It is possible, and we will always be better off and stronger as a result of this commitment. ✝️


32 thoughts on “Overcomers

      1. Yes — I agree! I just felt burdened when I woke up this morning, and for some reason you and your family came to mind. Thank you for writing a blog post about this issue, so those of us who follow your blog can pray accordingly.

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  1. Thank you. We are, even as Jesus our Lord, proven as Gods children by our circumstances and trials. We, like our Lord, with His weapons, respond to the conflict, spreading His Word undauntingly but humbly before men by the power of His Holy Spirit. Prayers and lessings for the remainder of your week 🙂

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  2. Lovely Sister you are right, no coincidences. God doesn’t do coincidence. I was reading all this chaos and having such good exciting thoughts. Like, Girl there is a huge blessing coming your way! When there are so many things trying to trip us up, get us distracted, get us off track. Feel under attack you called it because that prowling lion knows those blessings are coming too. 🙂 And it will do anything and everything to trip us up. So even if we get the blessing we don’t have the eyes to see. Best just to do as you said. Do what works. Praise, praise, praise God. Make that joyful noise in the midst of everything.

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      1. See happens every time. I always here things like your never going to believe what happened. It always starts out with the most trips, and bumps you could imagine. I sit there on pins and needles just waiting for the big finale when the blessing came. It always does. Praise God for your blessing, and the road it took to get there, as bumpy as it might have been 🙂

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      2. Yes! God is good. And even though the thing that looks so promising hasn’t quite come to fulfillment yet, that it’s even (maybe) happening in the first place encourages me a great deal.🧡 Thank you for such an uplifting and prophetic word, my friend!

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  3. Thank you for these wise words from an obedient heart.
    I like this: ” I have to surrender the bad things to God — otherwise, how will I make room for the good things that He plans to send my way?” Great perspective!

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      1. Thank you so much for this offer. Please can you pray for God divine healing over every member of my family that is sick? Thanks a lot.

        How may I pray for you too?

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      2. Just prayed! ( i’m catching up on some of my comments now – apologies for the delay) How is your family feeling now?

        Thank you for asking about my prayer request. I am asking for God’s favor for an exciting opportunity that may be coming my way. If it’s His will, then I ask for the door be open. And if it’s not, then let Him close it. Thanks again! 🙂

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      3. Thanks for your prayers. I do believe that God is working. I praise Him!

        I have also prayed for God’s will for you. I have prayed that you will have peace with God’s choice concerning this situation. God bless you!

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      4. Praise God! I will continue to pray that your family members feel better. What a wonderful praise report!

        And thank you also for your prayers for me. The Lord is clearly paying attention to your petitions on m behalf — I really appreciate you, Efua. Thank you!

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      1. It’s going okay! About the same. Except my allergies have gone to a new level. It’s almost up there with having a cold. 🥴 But we just got a lot of rain so I hope that helps wash away the pollen.

        My pets are doing well! Jack is still… being Jack. 😂 He is an interesting cat for sure. Just wish he would let me pet him. He is still very no-touch. Except for my dad, who can pet him all day. 🤣 I put up a bird feeder outside the back porch window (our back porch is inclosed) and he loves that. So fun to watch him get so excited about birds!

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      2. I hear you about the allergies. It has been very rough here as well. We went from winter – which in California, basically just means rain – to temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s and blazing sunshine. Many of us have been afflicted with allergies, but I’ll be praying that you feel better soon!

        Your little kitties sound so very precious. Give little Jack some time — he’ll come around eventually. 🙂

        It appears thar your pets are bring you great joy, and that is an answer to prayer in and of itself. 🧡

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      3. WOW, that is quite a difference! 😮 Sorry it’s bad there too!

        Thank you! ❤ (Obviously saw this comment before the one about prayer. 😅)

        I sure hope so! It's always a treat when he plops down in my lap. 🙂 And doesn't try to attack me. 😅 He's getting better about that anyway. ❤

        Amen!! ❤

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