We are limited — God is not. Isn’t it something how we so often try to impose our made-made limitations and reasoning on an all-knowing and infinite Creator? He is constrained by no one, and He can do all things (except sin). All resources are available to Him, at any time, in whatever vehicle He chooses to dispense them to us.

Of course, this is not an endorsement of prosperity gospel theology — quite the opposite! Rather, we are acknowledging the truth about who the Lord is (omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent), and that everything and everyone are available for His use and dispensation whenever He chooses to act. He may not choose in a dilemma that we are facing, but let’s not ever forget that He always can — He may simply choose not to intervene for reasons we may never know or understand on this side of eternity.

So if you’re struggling with a situation in your life right now, remember that God alone can provide the guidance (and in some cases, the resources) needed to resolve the situation. Let’s remember not to box Him in, and refrain from trusting in our our oft-misguided human reasoning. Instead, let’s rely on Him for all things — He is faithful!

By way of illustration, I had a situation like that (God’s unexpected direction and provision) happen on Monday. It was a reminder that the Lord is still looking out for me, and often steps into my life when I least expect it. You see, I finally got to a place where I had accepted my circumstances, and had found a measure of contentment. Then, quite unexpectedly, I received a call about a remarkable opportunity (the second in less than a week!) that nearly took my breath away. Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to end up pursuing this opportunity, but I am looking into it — as well as one from last week — and am trusting in His guidance to show me the way.

I mean literally, God can make the phone ring and create an incredible opportunity with your name on it. However, the enemy can do the same thing, so that is why discernment and wisdom are so very vital! Otherwise, we can end up choosing the wrong path.

So I reckon that Mr. AB Simpson had it right when he said, “Our God has boundless resources.” So very true! I am grateful.

AB Simpson Quote

19 thoughts on “Boundless

    1. Aww, thanks, Lee! Truly, I believe that the Lord enjoys keeping me on my toes, as I can never tell in advance which posts will resonate with people, and which ones won’t. And it never occurred to me that my sharinig of God’s faithfulness to me might encourage someone else — thanks for the reminder!

      I ended up passing on the newest opportunity from this week, as it would have required me to move to a part of the state that is not good for my asthma. However, I believe that the Lord is going to raise up a similar opportunity closer to where I currently live (or at least well outside of LA). I will be sure to keep you posted. God bless you, my friend! (And good mornin to you, too) 😀

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  1. You do write such beautiful, encouraging, and thought (and prayer)-provoking posts, Daily!
    We can conjure up scenarios where a person wants something, but the boss/parent/guardian denies it. Although the desiring person can see all kinds of benefits and wonderful outcomes from receiving said gift, the one in charge sees a bigger picture and, in love and wisdom, withholds.
    God is so loving and good and kind, He always gives or withholds or waits with our personal well-being in mind.
    Two opportunities – how exciting! 😊 Your point about discernment and wisdom is spot-on. I pray for clear guidance for you.

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    1. Your comment is right on time (as usual), Kathy! What you described is exactly what I experienced on Monday. Your words were practically prophetic in terms of the personal application! I went through elation, a bit of rationalization, but then realized that the door that opened before me was not the right one for me, and I was able to release the opportunity without any regret. To your point, I believe that the Lord wants us to hold the things of the world with a very loose grip.

      You are also very kind — I thank you. As I menetioned to Lee a few minutes ago, I can never tell which posts the Lord will use to minixter to people, but I know that He REGULARLY uses the posts of other bloggers here to give me a timely word, too (for instance, Lee’s post on gratitude on Tuesday really struck a note in my heart, and several of your short stories have remained with me, even months after reading them, Kathy). I am grateful for you both!

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      1. Glad to hear it! It sounds like you are really enjoying your new home, which is wonderful.

        I am well — resting, and trying to (slowly) catch up on all that I have missed here. I look forward to reading some of your posts quite soon! 🙂

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      2. You are right — letting go is difficult, as it means acknowledging that we are not, in fact, in charge of our lives as we so naively often believe ourselves to be. Yes, letting go is the first important step on the path to surrender. 🧡

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