Braver, Stronger, Smarter

Wise words from AA Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh. May we “always remember” that we are often more capable than we may at first believe ourselves to be — by God’s grace.

Here’s wishing you a prosperous and product rest of your week. 🙂

PS — I am experiencing a flare-up of a repetitive motion injury from last year, so if I am delayed in responding to comments and posts, that is why. Thanks for understanding! I hope that I won’t need to take an extended break like last time, but I will be sure to let you know if that will be the case.

Milne quote

31 thoughts on “Braver, Stronger, Smarter

      1. Glad to see you back! I hope this means you are feeling better. 😊

        It’s much better, thanks for asking! 😊 And yes I am! Mostly in Duolingo. I’m still getting used to he updated sites, haha. How about you? Still studying?

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      2. I’m glad to be back, and to hear from you! We are DuoLingo buddies. 🙂

        I am on DuoLingo still, but the latest updates to the French and Spanish trees have been bittersweet. I’m also trying to understand what this bronze league business is all about. Still, though, I’m learning more each day.

        Also, I am keen to start learning ASL. Awhile back, you had recommended a program to learn the language — by any chance, do you happen to remember what it was?

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      3. Congrats on winning the top spot in the bronze league. 🙂 I only came across the leagues when I logged on to DuoLingo using my computer, rather than my phone.

        And thanks so much for the link to the ASL program! I have made a note of it and will check it out soon. Much appreciated!

        By the way, I feel like the stories on Duolingo have gotten better. I have been doing more of them lately.

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      4. Thanks! 😊 Haven’t done so well in the silver league but I also haven’t had a lot of spare time to devote to earning so much XP.

        Oohhh I’ve had it on my iPod for weeks now. I noticed it was added to the computer version too. 😊

        You’re welcome! 😊 I’ve already completed the Memrise ASL 1 course. I’m on ASL two now. 😊 It was a great course. I hope you enjoy it too.

        I agree! I haven’t done many in the last month but the ones I did were really good. 😊 Have you been doing the TinyCards flash cards to go with the stories?

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      5. I need to do my DuoLingo more on my comptuer — I tend to use my phone, which isn’t great (but as the saying goes, old habits die hard!). I am still trying to figure out how the leagues work, but I am enjoying the friendly competition so far. 🙂

        I look forward to the ASL course! I will let you know how things go.

        And no, I haven’t looked at the TinyCards in awhile. Mostly because the speed of the animations (when the cards fly away) is a bit fast for me, and the fact that I never seem to make much progress with the cards (I complete a stack and then log back in only to discover that more lessons have popped up in its place). I’ll stick with the regular Duo lessons and the stories. 🙂

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      6. Same! But on the phone version (or iPod for me) they seem to give me more gems than they do lingots on the computer version. So I’ve been trying to do lessons on the computer but for the final lesson before I get a crown, I do that on the ipod to get the extra gems.

        Me too – after the first one, the other leagues are fierce. I’m trying to focus on learning and not on winning because the competitor in me wants to WIN by doing as much as possible, which I’ve tried before. My brain feels like it might explode from all the info, so it really isn’t worth it for me to do that.

        Yay! Hope you have fun! 🙂

        Yes! It’s frustrating. Also, it seems like if you don’t practice the TinyCards often, the bar goes down until it’s like I never did the cards. I made it to Spanish Household so I didn’t get too far either. The cards no longer match where you learn them on DuoLingo either which adds difficulty for me. (I seem to do better with learning the words if I see them used in sentences.)

        Gotcha. 🙂 I’ll probably do the same unless I want the extra XP. Then I’ll do the cards over that I know.

        I haven’t done a story in a while. I really should do another soon. They are really fun.

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      7. I hear you about the leagues on duolingo. I finally had to leave them yesterday! I found them to be stressful and like you said, I wasn’t learning for the sake of learning anymore – I was trying to win! I am glad to be done with them.

        And I don’t do Tinycards very often, but I agree — they seem more challenging because they are out of sequence with our lessons.

        And about the stories — be careful about one dealing with a honeymoon (set 1) and then another darker series based on the work of Poe later on. I’m not able to progress much further in the stories because I refuse to listen to such nonsense. The other ones are pretty good, though!

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      8. You can leave them?! Haha, I let myself drop back down a league and I don’t feel bad about it at all. I’m still learning at my own pace. 🙂


        Oh wow, thanks for the heads-up! :O

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      9. Yes, you can leave the leagues! The key is to set your profile to be private, not public (the default setting, I think). I am enjoying things much better now that those terrible leagues are behind me.

        How are your Spanish studies coming along?

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      10. Ooohhh that’s good to know! Thanks, I may have to do that. (And now that reviewing Tiny Cards doesn’t give XP, there is no way I can really compete anyway.)

        My studies are going okay! I’m currently on People 4. 😊 I’ve been stuck there a while but I’m learning.

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      11. I just visited the Tinycards website and went through one of the Spanish decks. You were right! No XP at all — boo. ☹️

        My guess is that DuoLingo is getting ready to sunset the Tinycards project. I would be surprised if it was still around in a year or so!

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      12. Agreed!! But what I don’t like (that has been a recent change) is the animation with a little icons on the tree. For those of us who are motion sensitive, I can quickly lead to dizziness. 😔

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      13. I also just discovered the animation. I kept staring at it like, “Did that little man in People 4 just smile at me?!” O.O Sorry it affects you like that. 😦 I wouldn’t have known it could lead to dizziness. Is there a way to click on it fast enough to get to the lesson before the animation has a chance to play?

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      14. I haven’t quite figured out the settings for the animation yet. It’s not that big of a deal, as long as I don’t just sit there and stare at it indefinitely, I’m usually just fine. I just wish the animations were not part of the interface now. 😦

        By the way, I haven’t been able to do one of the Duolingo Spanish stories in quite some time, ever since I protested the content featured in two of the stories. Nobody from Duolingo ever responded to my complaint. :/

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