Words of Blessing

Hi everyone,

So, today I am writing with a personal note. First of all, thanks to each one of you who takes the time to read this blog. 🧡 I also appreciate your patience with me, as I have not been able to respond to your comments and likes as quickly as I would like, due to the recurrence of a repetitive motion injury.

I had mentioned last week that I might need to take another break in order to give my body time to heal. I hoped that this would not be necessary, but I now know that such a time of rest is precisely what my body requires. So, I will be sure to respond to your messages (I know that I’m still behind!) when I return, and look forward to reading your wonderful blog posts then, too. In the interim, know that I will be praying for those of you who have shared prayer requests with me.

Finally, receive these words of blessing (inspired by today’s passage from Numbers 6):

May the favor of the Lord shine upon you with His provision and protection, and may you experience the full measure of His grace and peace in all that you say, do, and experience today and always.


23 thoughts on “Words of Blessing

    1. Thank you, Lee! I am doing better. My asthma is acting up again, but I believe that’s because the weather has changed so unexpectedly (from temps in the 80s to rain and temps in the 60s). I will continue to pray for you Melissa, my friend.

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