Maximum Commitment

I appreciate these wise words from Mr. Ferguson! So often, we think that love is a fleeting emotion, when in fact it is quite the opposite — love is a decision of the will to consider the needs of another ahead of our own.

I like how Chip Ingram puts it (and here is a paraphrase of his definition): Love is giving a person what s/he needs the most, when s/he deserves it the least, at great personal cost.

So how committed are we in our loving today — the maximum, the minimum, or somewhere in between? (I’m still pondering this question. I’d like to think that I’m near the maximum, but in truth, there is still plenty of room for me to grow in this area).


9 thoughts on “Maximum Commitment

  1. There are whole books about this (i.e., Love is a Choice). The best book is the Bible. The best example is God. He IS love, He loves us (always), and in His love, He treats us just how we need, whether we like it or not. Sometimes love ain’t pretty (Israel’s slavery, Israel’s exile), but it is always the best.

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