12 thoughts on “Unplugged

      1. I’m good,
        In fact I could use your help in coming alongside me to pray.
        I’ve decided to embrace this writing project God has assigned to me. It’s been a bit difficult because it would stretch my writing beyond my normal writing habits. But growth is definitely good.
        The process is scary, because I’m consistently doubting myself, worrying over fears of failure and fears of success. Then I fall into the comparison trap. Easily becoming distracted. And I know all of this is the enemy plaguing my thoughts. *Sighs*
        I’ve decided to push pass all of this and just write. It’s a story which keeps me awake at night because I need to put it on paper. God keeps feeding me the information and I know I need to put pen to paper. I just hope I can get His message across the way He’s feeding it to me.
        I know this is long, but you’ve become a good friend I can share this with. You’re a prayer warrior.
        What do you think?

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      2. Gosh – I am still behind on my comments. 😞 I apologize, Tiffany. Certainly, I can agree in prayer with you about this. If God is leading you to write, then by all means write! Write until you have no more words left.

        I think it might be therapeutic to just get everything out on paper, and then go back through your words and start editing yourself. If you’re anything like me, I get hung up in the editing phase and can easily get stuck. I wonder if it would be helpful for you to simply get everything out and then see how you are feeling — emotionally and spiritually. I believe that the Lord will show you what your next step is at that time.

        However, I still have to catch up on your blog and several others, so if I’ve missed some vital information, I ask for your forgiveness.

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      3. Oh no worries. Honestly it can be difficult to catch up on post. All is forgiven. Thanks so much for this comment.
        I do get caught up worrying over editing in the mist of writing the book. But like you said I just need to get it out of my system. I’ll take your advice for sure. I just have to get it all out on paper. Then, once the fog is lifted then God will direct my next step.
        Thanks so much again for your support and prayer. ☺️ God bless you

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      4. It sounds like you have the right perspective on the situation. I hope that your writing is going well! May you be filled each day with His peace and wisdom as you continue with your writing journey. 🧡

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    1. Sadly, it is so painfully true, no?

      I was talking to some elementary students the other day about the importance of knowing how to do something the right way. One of the students responded to me and said, “I can always find out how to do something by going online and watching a video about it on YouTube”. He just couldn’t understand why anybody would do anything other than turn to the Internet for help when needed. 🤭 And let’s be real – I do the same thing quite a bit, but I also want to make sure that I understand things for myself first.

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