A Simple Life

These words by Kenneth Branaugh really hit home with me! I’m grateful for this reminder to let go, take a breath, and give myself some grace to simply “enjoy life”.

And yes, this is Kenneth Branaugh, the actor. I’ve come to appreciate the surprising ways that the Lord uses to get my attention, so that I remember to thank Him for the simple things I enjoy each day: work, shelter, food, family, health, etc. How about you?


17 thoughts on “A Simple Life

    1. He is an English actor. I usually try to steer clear of quoting entertainers on this blog, but I thought that his message was pretty spot on.

      And @smiles and Sonshine” to you as well, Lee! 😊 Your comment made me smile.

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    1. So very true, Tiffany! Often, lasting change occurs when we take small steps and entrust the “small things”** to the Lord. Then it’s easier to trust Him for the big ones! 😊

      ** Everything is “small” to God!

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  1. I’ve often wondered why there are no instances in the Bible that Jesus laughed. He always seemed so serious, not even a smile. I believe He did laugh and smile and hug and relish His relationships, even though it’s not recorded. He quite definitely had peace.

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    1. I am in agreement. I truly believe that the Lord has a sense of humor, and must have enjoyed a heartwarming chuckle or two when He walked this earth (even now!).

      In fact, just the other day, I had lost something quite precious to me. I looked and looked, and just couldn’t find it. Then I said, “Lord, You will allow this item to show up again when You are ready for me to find it.” I found it not 10 minutes later. 😅

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      1. God is so cool like that. Similarly, my sister stopped at our house in her travels and lamented that she’d lost her jewelry bag (her favorite earrings, two rings that our mom gave her – things precious to her). She is not a believer, but my husband and I prayed with her, and lifted up that bag. I have been bringing this up to God ever since, asking that He bring the bag to her in a way that points her to Him, and that she receives joy. She texted this morning that she found it! I’ve been on my knees, thanking God, and texted back, “Hallelujah!” I’m still praying about ‘the rest of the story.’

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